Cultivating Empowerment....Part 1

Every success story has it's beginning, middle & levels of evolution. Once success becomes the goal in mind, there never really is an end to how far you're able to go. It begins with where you are, your current being of adaptation. It begins with the challenges of how you see yourself versus how you really are and how others perceive you. Blocking and limiting our life's traumas and experiences based off of those, sometimes, false images and inaccurate presumptions. We live in these theories. Most times fully aware of the inauthentic feeling it gives us, being too afraid to challenge it, knowing the changes that it can bring.

Hitting the middle of the road, seems to be the monumental moment when the shit severely hits the fan. It's never one traumatic or catastrophic experience at a time. It's quite literally a shit-storm of all shit-storms to bombard you with every problem to each solution you've ever been able to set forth for yourself. It's in these precise moments when you begin to question how solid your belief is in yourself. It's in these moments that we are all of a sudden, sitting in the dark. Having switched off the lights to the parts within us that we deemed as "perfect" or "in working order." The parts that weren't affected by the actual realities we've had to come to the realization of. WE created the middle of the road reality that we know. WE created the alternate reality to what was our confidence. Now to get to the levels of success and evolution, things must change. And in order for things to change, we must interpret and experience life and its traumas, its situations differently than what we did before. We must get UNcomfortable.

In our uncomfortability, we find it difficult to love the person we see in the mirror. To accept the person we hear speaking and living and being. It's a task to see, acknowledge or even begin to form our own full potential. To empower ourselves. How can we empower the processes and strengths within ourselves when we don't even see it?

-We need to start by ACCEPTING our current transgressions before we can alter them. Become self-aware of your own imperfections so that nothing and no one, can dictate your healing.

-STOP THE FACADE! Cut the shit and be true to who you REALLY are! There's no point in pretending that these things and these issues don't exist. No matter how much you pretend, trust me when I tell you, they'll still be there in the morning.

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