Elevation REQUIRES Separation

There's NO doubt about it....EVERYONE, at this point, is ready for some form of elevation in their lives. Rather that be mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and most popularly monetarily. We work and work and work and work and bust every muscle, fiber and ligament we have to hustle up not realizing that we are STILL attached to a lot of the SAME things, people, jobs, situations, thoughts, mindsets and emotions that put us exactly where we currently are in the first place.

When you are lying awake at night and feel that heaviness on your body, on your spirit or on your mind, that's a signal that there is or are weights that need to be RE-moved in order for YOU to move. Notice, I said "RE-moved". We have been here before. We have seen what this looks like. We have been in this space where we are unsure if we can climb and surface out of it. We have been in this space before where we may feel stuck or fuzzy about what the next step is so we are attempting to gain clarity. We have sat in this moment, thinking to ourselves that we can't get past this. Yet, you have. And now we are here, again, at our next point of elevation, but before we can pass go, there are some things we must do.

We must cease carrying our baggage and that of others and being the "fixer" or "the clean up woman". Baby, your name is NOT Bounty and you are NOT the Quilted Quicker picker upper, okay! Stop asking yourself "why" that relationship isn't working because your man or woman ain't acting right. Stop asking yourself "why" your job isn't giving you the relief you've been asking for with the time off that you requested after all the hours of OT you put in. Stop asking yourself "why" your wallet or your bank account isn't refilling itself as if it is set on auto pilot with Brinks and start bustin those moves to begin SEPARATING yourself from the things, people, situations, and obstacles that are keeping you from getting to these places of new elevation.

YES! Separation can be difficult, painful, and even saddening at times. But can you HONESTLY tell me, that you have more to gain staying in this current place of attachment(s) than you do by releasing them? Separation is NOT a choice, it is a REQUIREMENT. The power of CHOICE is yours.

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