Micaela L. Thomas is a wife and mother. Co-captain of a large, blended family, she parents 6 biological children, 4 stepchildren and 1 bonus child with Husband, Kendrick. Born in March 1987, she grew up in East Cleveland, OH to a single mother and loving family village. Micaela has always had a knack for writing. Whether it was poetry, plays, songs, books or short stories, she was always able to utilize her imagination to keep her centered from the internal turmoil that brewed within. 

   Eventually relocating to Columbus, OH., this is where she began discovering her various talents. The story of Micaela's life has been kept secret for the majority of her 33-years of existence. She has now decided to share her journey for the encouragement and betterment of others who may be suffering in silence. It is her hope to assist in being an advocate for the intentional healing of others through her own journey of self-awareness and manifestation.