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Before Micaela "Cae" Thomas became the author of STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH: UNPACKING THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE, she navigated life just as many others trying to determine who she could trust and who would believe in her. Outside of herself, the struggle to find a worthy support system was just as difficult as being a support system for herself and her healing. Having experienced poverty, depression, homelessness, stress, custody battles, and uncertainty, traveling through the darkness of her traumas became another challenge that put the cherry on top. Unable to trust very many people and unclear of where to begin cleaning up her mess, she set out to achieve, what she "thought" was the unimaginable and the unachievable. 

Cae began learning, studying, and practicing healing, affirmations, shadow work, and Manifestation. Tired of only wanting and window shopping through the lives of others the things that she wanted and needed in and for her own life, but also, most importantly, that of her children. Cae was able to completely change her life around with these constant and consistent practices. 

Mom by day, novelist by night, and everything else in between, she has found her place in the world and has ZERO intentions of settling in, but to keep going, growing, and thriving. A Cleveland, Ohio native, she loves her children/family, chocolate chip cookies, being near water, and loving and caring for those who are in need. Currently residing in Columbus, Ohio, Cae is currently manifesting more books (Guides and How-to's), speaking events, and placing the finishing touches on her Documentary: STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH: THE AWAKENING.

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