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Hey Loves👋🏾

I know y'all are ALL booked & bust so I wanted to pencil in some time with you before you became too busy for me😉

On August 26th, 2022, I will be in attendance with other beautifully talented Authors for the ALL WHITE GLOW IN THE DARK MEET N GREET for the ALL BLACK MIDWEST BOOK FAIR!! Here's your chance for us to meet in person and let me love on ya!

On August 28th, 2022, the ALL BLACK MIDWEST BOOK FAIR will be in FULL SWING so that you may purchase books & merchandise from myself and other Authors & vendors for your Fall & Winter reads. Mark your calendars so that you can come out and support some of local African American Authors & Vendors!!

Click the link to get a copy of your book early ( I'll sign it for you at the event:) ) @ OR....Just come see me! As always...I LOVE EVERY ONE OF YOU, ON PURPOSE🖤

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