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Now each year, we break out a list of New Year's Resolutions that most of us don't even stick with more than 30 days into the New Year🤐 HOWEVER, if you have made it this far and are still looking for a change, THIS is your sign to incorporate some discipline into your healing, your growth and EVERY step you take moving forward.

I admit... I, myself, have fallen short on utilizing the tools I've acquired to really target my desired healing, my growth, and elevations. BOTH personally and professionally. When you go through life and certain situations, it tends to subtly alert you with a reminder that, "HEY!! YOU'RE TOOOOO COMFORTABLE!!" So NOW, is the time to re-assert, re-assess, re-align and re-position OUT of that comfort zone. Baby, GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. It's time.

We have 363 days to heal, to grow, to change, to make an impact on ourselves and the outside world, to live, to love, to elevate and to strip down to our truth!! Accountability is a must in these processes. So, here's a little homework assignment:





*Write down 10-20 goals you have for yourself this year. Next to or under each goal, write down the exact steps that it will take to acquire its completion. And under those steps, write down the effect that this goal with have on your life moving forward. What is your 'WHY' for this goal. Be accountable and intentional on how and why this needs to be completed.

I will also complete this assignment. Let's come back and chat about it next Wednesday 1/11/2023. As always and still..........

I Love You, ON & IN PURPOSE,


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