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Hey Loves!! It has taken some time for me to decompress from the FIRST ANNUAL All Black Midwest BOOK FAIR EVENT. I wanted to, personally, reach out and THANK each and every one of you, not only for your support, but also for those that have purchased and entered the raffle to win FREE merchandise from the STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH brand.

I am SOOOOOO SO happy to announce that I have drawn a WINNER for the raffle. Please join me in giving a big, huge, massive CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Tonya Mitchell!!!!! Congratulations Ms. Tonya on your win!!

I will be holding more raffles as the holidays are quickly approaching (Yikes!) Please stay tuned for more blogs, raffles/contests, and keep an eye out on upcoming content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok from me and my STMT (Stripped to my Truth) team. (@Strippedotmytruth on ALL socials)

Again, THANK YOU, to everyone that came out to support, near and far and those of you that continue supporting through various avenues and channels.

I Love You All, ON PURPOSE 💋

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