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Hey my Loves!

Baby, LISTEN!!! We are in the 3rd month of our 2nd quarter and HALF WAY through 2022!!! At this point, I think it is time to re-align our goals. What milestones have you hit so far? Which ones are important for you to hit before the end of 2022?

Time seems to be a thing of uncertainty nowadays so be sure that you are making the most of EVERY 24 hours. Prioritize your goals, communicate your intentions with the Universe, meditate through stressful moments and PUT SOME STANK on the moves that you are making to ensure that what you are manifesting comes in its entirety and in FULL CIRCLE!!

Admittedly, I have been absent from social media for a bit, BUT I have not been blind nor dismissive of what I have been seeing or the requests that are asking to be met. In order to give all of my Loves, the best and most authentic entirety of me, I must be in alignment with ME!! So for this second half of the year, let's just say......PREPARE TO BE SICK-UH ME!!!

Let's elevate and step on the other side of what is stifling any stagnancy we may be experiencing. Heads down, eyes on the prize and add more focus on your focus. You'll be surprised at how much you accomplish in the next 6 months. As Nike says, JUST DO IT!! (Don't get me, Nike)

As ALWAYS, reach me if you need me (e-mail, website, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram & YouTube).


Micaela "Cae" Thomas

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