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Being Intentional

What does it really mean to be "Intentional"?

Outside of the textbook definition, how does it apply to you? What does it represent?

Most of us wake up each day, living life on a wing and a prayer. We set out to complete "To Do" lists, work our 9 to 5s and care for our families and friends with no real direction or intentionality. We know what we want to do, but don't always implement nor exact into our daily living what we need to do, should do, or even how to do it. Being "Intentional", in this aspect, means to Live ON PURPOSE! With full intent of all that it means.

Be purposeful in what you say to yourself. Be purposeful in how you treat yourself and others, but mostly yourself. As you are a reflection...a mirrored image of what others will see. By living what we mean and meaning what we live, we are setting the tone for our healing, for our success, for how our relationships will flourish. Here are 7 suggestions on how you can be "Intentional" in your daily living:

  • Question yourself--Ensure that your daily actions and choices are in alignment with your personal and professional development goals. Ask yourself: "Is this worth it?" "Does this make sense?" "How will this benefit me, potentially those around me, in the long run?" "Or short term?"

  • CHOOSE love & kindness--It's easy to choose hatred, complaining, and complacency. It's easy to have disdain for things we don't understand and for people who are different than us. CHOOSE to love, instead. CHOOSE to be kind on PURPOSE!

  • Implement consistent self-care--There's nothing worse than taking care of everyone and everything else in your world, but YOU!! Neglecting your mental, emotional and physical care only opens up an uncontrollable stir of emotions that can cause resentment, anger, and mass amounts of frustration.

  • Set goals for yourself with an EMPHASIS on COMPLETION--We all know how it goes sometimes...we write out our "To Do" list and only complete half or less than half of it. Let alone, being consistent. Write out your goals, give them deadlines if necessary to ensure that you are meeting each goal and expectation to its completion. REMEMBER: THIS IS NOT A RACE, IT IS A MARATHON and you should be treating it as such. Put your list in front of you EVERY DAY so that you are taking accountability for your goals.

  • Practice Active Listening & Being Heard--NOW is the time to actively listen and make your voice heard. No more sitting quietly on the sideline. You've Googled and researched and you need that push to get you off the bench! No more whispering or second-guessing the reaction of others because you are too intimidated to say what you feel. But also keep in mind to LISTEN to things that can and will help you along the way. We can't run this marathon all on our own.

  • Narrow down your purpose(s)--We ALL have a purpose. Some of us have more than one, more than two, and even more than five! It's okay if you are unsure of what your purpose(s) is; just make sure that you are being intentional in your every day living to narrow them down. What do you LOVE to do? What are you passionate about? These questions are necessary for the breakdown.

  • Last, but certainly not least----KEEP AN OPEN MIND!! Life is unpredictable. Things, people, and plans will not always go accordingly. Be open to new options and opportunities. Accept other possibilities. DO NOT SETTLE. There is a difference between accepting and settling. It may not necessarily be what you want but could be the unexpected blessing you needed before you're able to "Level Up" to your next platform.

No matter the options you choose, being intentional, is the best way to not only excel in your life and how you feel while living it, but it is a sure way of stepping back and evaluating self-presence and the presence of others. You've got this. Now, WORK IT OUT!!

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