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Cultivating Empowerment Part 2

Cultivating empowerment begins at the end of your comfort zone. It's time to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable!! Yes, we are creatures of habit, but until we BREAK our usual habits, we won't find what we are looking for.

Let it be clear, we can't always have control over what happens in our lives, but we DO have control over our reactions and responses. Cultivating empowerment is about embracing challenges in life so that we may expand our own boundaries and limitations. When we face various obstacles, they show us how unstable we are and how incapable of really seeing what's that time.

It's more than just developing and acquiring authority and power over yourself and your life, it's also about being successful at it. THAT'S the goal !! You learn more about who you are in this process. You become more aware of how to handle difficult tasks. These tasks are essential in setting measures designed to increase and uplift your determination. To motivate you. In order to enable a positive and suitable way of living, you need to be able to act, think, love and believe in your own authority. You have to be present in your own rationality and decision making abilities through sound emotional and mental stability.

Self-empowerment is considered one of the new styles of self-control; of confidence. It's like a guide in creating the framework and setting your personal goals up for success. Understand....just like any other transition or epiphany, it IS a process. One where you need to be open to unfamiliar possibilities and one that requires intentional and purposeful focus. You'll HAVE to do things that are hard, like trusting yourself and networking with others. Wholeheartedly. Opening up to those traveling a similar journey as yourself.

Remember to keep ahold of YOU, no matter what. Embrace all of the imperfect moments along the way as they are monumental and will mean so much to you as you continue to move forward. Be as fluent in giving as you will be in receiving throughout these actions. Manifest your own empowerment by giving to others struggling to grasp the same hold and live the same dream.

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