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Did You Miss Me?

Hey Loves! Did you miss me? I can honestly say that I have missed you! As we are all aware...2020 has taken us for a loop! And in 2021, we are still, unfortunately on that same rollercoaster of craziness. However, despite the odds, I have thought long and hard about my next journey. In my thought process, I have decided to take you all along with me on uncovering some untold truths and revealing ones that have already come to light.

It is my hope that it may save a life. It is my hope that it may change a life. It is my hope that it may reach those who are in need, but are unsure of how to say "I need help." I ask that you all not only join my new journey, but that you also be patient with me. No matter the type of healing or how in depth or shallow the truth(s), it and they are still a process.

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Here, I will share vlogs of my journey, some heartfelt truths, tips & tricks to healing, author hacks for self-publishing, moving forward after trauma and showing you how to fall BACK in love with you! IT IS OKAY, NOT TO BE OKAY!! We are all human in this world, but that doesn't mean that healing has to be equivalent to perfection.

Until next time. I love you on Purpose!


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