Just A Girl who's still Healing......

Hey all! So I can bet you're wondering, "Who IS this girl?" or "Where did she come from?" Weelllll.....I go by many names. To my babies, I'm Mommy, to my Husband, I'm LoveBug, to my mother, I'm Puddin' and to all of my family and friends, I'm just plain 'ol Mica. As far as the rest of the world goes, I'm just getting started in this world of motivating and empowering others.

I am, perfectly flawed, to say the least, but I was moved to write my story to help others that I've encountered walking in the same darkness as myself. Once upon a time, I was a runaway. I was a trouble young girl that eventually transitioned into my being a troubled and emotionally dis-eased young woman. I've been heartbroken, homeless more times than I'd like to admit, mentally, emotionally & physically abused, a teenage mother and lost beyond my own recognition. At some point, I had to get my shit together. Family had spoken to me until they were blue, black, yellow and purple in the face....nothing worked. It was time for me shit or get off the pot, pull my big girl panties up and clean up my mess.

So now, here I am, able to tell my story. Having encountered so many others along the way who've cried on my

shoulder, looking for ways out. Looking for answers and blindly searching for their light in the dark...this is my story. And it hasn't ended. I am still learning..still growing...still healing. As I continue to evolve to each new level, it is my goal to help others do the same.

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