Publishing with Purpose

Now that I have published my book, my ultimate goal is to reach as many people as I can. This world is lost. Far from what it used to be, but still holds the potential to recover to some level of decency. I understand that my "Superwoman" cape only reaches so far. I understand that not everyone can be helped.....or even wants to be helped for that matter. But how could I ever call myself a decent human being if I don't try?

STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH: UNPACKING THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE is NOT "just" a book for me. It's not just a source of's a part of me. A part of my Purpose. A part of what has driven me to this point in life. I could never sit here and tell you that my life and my days are mere images of perfection. That would be a lie. Truth is, I still have my rainy days. Some weeks more than others. However, what sets me apart from the woman I am now, compared to the woman I used to be, is the fact that I am mentally and emotionally equipped with how to approach these "not-so-great" days.

I still deal with legal issues, custody battles, of not just 3 of my children, but a very young family member's as well. I still seek clarity on days that feel like the walls are steadily closing in on me. Yet, I am still able to face each adversity with the certainty that I will prevail. There most definitely will be a part two to this most recent unveiling. The thing about healing is that it's never truly a finished job.

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