What is Purpose? For sure, it's one thing that a lot of us in this mixed-up world lack. Most times, in order to find it, you have to know who you are. You need to know where you're going and you need to acknowledge and make peace with where you've been. Purpose...the reason or reasons in which a particular action, thought or pattern is done. An intention of creating something out of sheer will and motivation.

Finding your purpose is just as much of a challenge as defining it. It's not as simple as trying out a "To Do" list of things and hoping for the best. Your purpose must align with who you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It has to resonate with your healing and obstacles that you've overcome. You literally, can't make this shit up.

Your Purpose is a passion that rests on your spirit day in and day out. A thought, a feeling, a notion, a goal, and a dream that leaves you restless, yet excited any time it crosses your mind. What can your purpose do you for you? What kind of life can it help you live? Is the monetary factor, the only highlight of importance?

Recalibrate your thinking, your way of living, and your way of doing to align with what your purpose may be. It takes more than just "wanting", it takes doing. Putting into action the consistency and work that's necessary to fulfill and manifest what only started as a thought. Allow your purpose to work for you. Not only by monetizing its value and lessons, but also by aiding others in finding and embracing theirs. Knowing that you are fulfilling the ultimate goal opens up doors of peace, ever-changing healing, and integrity. When you know yourself and how you can truly and authentically aid in the betterment of others as well as yourself, it makes it so much easier to live a life, not of perfection, but as a perfectly flawed individual that is true to continued lessons and core values.

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